General Resources

Remote How – Blog posts with information about the Remote Work world

Remoter – The Remoter Project is an on-going initiative to become the most comprehensive library about remote work. Here, you’ll find podcasts, interviews, photos and personal stories, full of advice and how-tos as we travel the world to learn from those who are amidst their own journey and those who’ve done it time and time again.

Remote Habits – Collection of the best tools for working remotely

RemoteWorkHub – Everything you need to get a remote job and work virtually anywhere

Half Half Travel – Learn helpful tips and tricks about remote work with Becca & Dan.

Dynamite Jobs – Remote Hiring Guide: Interview Questions and Reference Checks

Rescue Time: Work from home productivity data and How to be more productive at work: 21 productivity tips, hacks, and tools to help you get more done in 2020

AceWork – This online platform is built exclusively for matching remote-ready candidates with vetted remote work.

COVID-19 Resources

companies hiring, professionals looking for opportunities, etc.

Hiring Freezes – Who’s freezing hiring from coronavirus. If you’ve been laid off — add your resume to the Layoff Hiring List

StillHiring – Search for companies still hiring 

Startups Hiring Right Now – With COVID19 in full swing, the job market has been turbulent to say the least. But companies are hiring, and I still believe there’s a job out there you’ll love!

2020 Remote Job Opportunities – Let’s help our recently displaced friends find new gigs.

Startups Actively Hiring During COVID-19 – A google document with a lot of information 🙂

United in Quarantine – COVID-19 has impacted each and every one of us. Help is available for those who need it, but finding it often feels impossible. We’ve created a place where you can easily find the help you need.

Moving Worlds – Volunteering Online During COVID: How To Support Social Impact Virtually


No Desk – Communities, forums and chat groups. Connect with like-minded people, share knowledge, discover new opportunities and meet up

Remote Year – Live and work in different cities around the world as part of an immersive cultural and community experience.

Companies that Hire Remote Workers

No Desk – Remote companies hiring in 2020

Note: not sure if this is updated regarding COVID

Rat Race Rebellion – BIG LIST with a lot of companies searching for home-based contractors/employees.

Note: not sure if this is updated regarding COVID

Tools to work remotely

No Desk – Apps, products and services to help you manage your everyday activities and business.

Remote Ok – This page shows live data on current remote work hiring trends

Nomad List – Join a global community of international travelers working remotely around the world working from home for now

Skill Crush – The essential remote work tools you need to get thing done

Non Profit Remote – We believe it is the future of the workplace

AceWork: – Candidates pay a one-time application fee of $49 to gain unlimited access to the platform and remote community, as well as valuable partner perks